Supply Geodetic equipment

MonTerra company supplies various geodetic equipment and software to the Russian market. Having extensive experience in sales and implementation of projects with Leica Geosystems, the company offers its clients the whole range of equipment of this brand. Besides, we are ready to select equipment and software complexes of other manufacturers for optimal solution of your tasks.

GNSS equipment

GNSS is a satellite navigation system designed to determine the location (geographic coordinates) of land, water and air objects. You can buy GNSS receivers from Leica: GS18, GS18T, GS18I, GR30, GR50, as well as receivers from other manufacturers.

Robotic total stations

A robotic total station is a universal geodetic device based on the laser principle of action, with the help of which you can quickly and accurately carry out surveying and get information about the relief of a given territory. At the moment we can offer you the following models from Leica: TS16, TS13, TM60, TS60, MS60.


Ground and mobile laser scanners. Laser scanning is one of the most modern types of surveying, which allows to obtain information about an object. Nowadays laser scanning is used in design, monitoring of various infrastructure objects and natural processes, construction, motorway industry, architecture, oil and gas industry, electric power industry and other areas.

Mechanical total stations

Total stations are geodetic measuring devices. They are used to measure distances, heights and angles in linear planes. Operation is based on eye contact. The device is used in research (topography, geodesy, archaeology). And also in such spheres as engineering, construction, road laying, development of natural resources. Leica total stations are particularly popular, such as: TSO3, TSO7, TS10.

Digital levellers

These are modern multifunctional surveying instruments that combine the functions of a high-precision optical leveller, electronic storage device and built-in software for processing measurements. Here you can not only buy Leica LS10, LS15 levellers, but also get comprehensive information on setup and operating modes.


An important element of any geodetic system is software. Depending on your requirements, we can help you choose the best solution and, if necessary, develop your own software.


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